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We haz a store!

I signed a lease on a storefront to open a co-operative Made Here Store and fine art gallery in the Ashby Arts District of south Berkeley. We open March 3.
In eight, senuous, form-clinging panels.

Men's Vintage Shirt Alteration

men's alteration

This used to be long-sleeved and baggy.

Kitten Antics

Your purchase feeds my foster kitten habit. Literally!Your purchase feeds my foster kitten habit.  Literally!
Sometimes a purse just is not appropriate or even practical. For times like these we have the hip holster. It's especially good for day hikes or evenings of dance sans coatcheck. I stash my wallet, cell phone, mirror, eyedrops, and lipstuff in mine and I am ready to conquer any renegade or other such illicit festivity.

This is currently a custom-only item. Please inquire for details if you would like one of your very own.

Czech Glass Faceted Beads



small black

handcrafted fine silver designer pendant tags. each unique.
handmade fine silver pendant tag

plz visit our website & store


coming soon

to an intarwebz near yoo